Pro-Palestinian Encampments Surface at Campuses Nationwide

Brown on Wednesday became the latest university to threaten students with punishment if they did not leave a pro-Palestinian encampment set up on campus. The school said that 90 students would face “conduct proceedings” if they did not clear out.

The warning followed arrests of demonstrators this week at other universities across the country, including Yale, New York University, Ohio State and the University of Minnesota.

Encampments have cropped up nationwide since the arrest of more than 100 pro-Palestinian demonstrators at Columbia University last week, with many students demanding that their schools end financial ties to Israel and weapons manufacturers.

Here is where encampments and protests have been reported, including by local news, student newspapers and social media. The New York Times was not able to independently verify every report.

  • Columbia University in Manhattan: Administrators initially set a deadline of midnight on Wednesday for protesters to disband, but the university postponed enforcement for another 48 hours, citing progress in negotiations with the demonstrators.

  • New York University in Manhattan: The New York Police Department made dozens of arrests late Monday after students occupied a plaza on campus.

  • The New School in Manhattan: Protesters set up tents inside a school lobby, and two dozen students formed a picket line on Tuesday.

  • Brown University in Providence, R.I.: Around 90 students set up their encampment shortly after 6 a.m. The protest violated university policy, officials said in a statement, adding that protesters had been informed they would face “conduct proceedings.”

  • Harvard in Cambridge, Mass.: Students set up an encampment on Wednesday, after the school closed Harvard Yard this week. This comes days after the pro-Palestinian group Harvard Palestinian Solidarity Committee announced on social media that it had been suspended.

  • Tufts University in Medford, Mass.: About a dozen tents had been built on the university’s academic quad by Wednesday morning. Unlike at some universities, the Tufts encampment was not fenced off or surrounded by police officers or security personnel. A protester said he was unaware of any contact between protesters and the administration.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass.: Students set up an encampment earlier this week.

  • Princeton University in New Jersey: After reports that students were preparing an encampment on Wednesday morning, school officials reportedly sent an email to students, warning them that they could be arrested and “immediately barred from campus” if they do not stop after a warning.

  • Yale University in New Haven, Conn.: Hundreds have come out to protest since last week. On Monday, the police arrested more than 40 people.

  • Emerson College in Boston: Students pitched tents on Sunday evening, according to the school’s student newspaper, The Berkeley Beacon.

  • The University of Southern California in Los Angeles: Students set up an encampment on Wednesday morning, according to a social media post.

  • The University of California, Berkeley: Students have set up an encampment, according to local news reports.

  • California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt: Dozens of protesters were occupying an academic and administrative building on Wednesday morning, university officials said. The campus on the Pacific Coast in Northern California has remained closed since Monday, after an attempt by the police to remove the protesters from the building turned violent, leading to three arrests.

  • University of Pittsburgh: Protesters organized a sit-in on Tuesday in solidarity with Palestinians. As of Wednesday morning, videos posted online showed tents pitched on the school’s campus.

  • University of Minnesota in Twin Cities: Nine people were taken into custody after they erected an encampment. The Associated Press reported that Representative Ilhan Omar attended the protest on University of Minnesota’s campus on Tuesday, just days after her daughter, along with over 100 others, was arrested at Columbia after refusing to leave the encampment.

  • Ohio State University in Columbus: Two students were arrested on Tuesday, according to university officials, and charged with trespassing during an on-campus demonstration protesting the war in Gaza. Officials said that the protest has since dispersed.

  • University of Michigan: About 40 students set up an encampment on Monday morning, according to the school newspaper, The Michigan Daily.

  • University of Texas at Arlington: The Students for Justice in Palestine chapter at the university announced a walkout on Wednesday.

  • University of Texas at Austin: Students were protesting on Wednesday. Videos posted online showed police presence on campus.

  • University of Texas at Dallas: Dozens of students staged a sit-in on Tuesday near the offices of the university’s president, urging the school to divest from companies with connections to the war. But the gathering was short-lived: The students dispersed after saying they had been promised a meeting with the president of the university, according to video posted by The Dallas Morning News.

  • University of Texas at San Antonio: A group of about 200 students marched on campus on Wednesday in solidarity with pro-Palestine protests across the country.

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte: An encampment was set up earlier this week, according to the school’s student newspaper, The Niner Times.

  • University of New Mexico in Albuquerque: Dozens of students, alumni and community members gathered to protest this week.

  • Emory University in Atlanta: A student group hosted a protest on campus on Monday evening, demanding a permanent cease-fire and for the university to divest from Israel.

  • Rice University in Houston: Members of the Rice Students for Justice in Palestine group launched a “liberated zone” on campus on Tuesday, according to the school’s student newspaper.

  • American University in Washington: Hundreds of students this week rallied and marched to the school president’s office building, according to The Washington Post.

Jonathan Wolfe, Matthew Eadie, Jenna Russell, Edgar Sandoval and J. David Goodman contributed reporting.

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